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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blogging Services Sites - III

More Blogging Sites which helps for internet marketing

  1. Blogtronix : social business networking; blogging - Blogtronix is a social media platform for Enterprise 2.0 communication. We provide a single, unified system that includes blogs, wikis, and social networking. Unlike other companies, we are able to offer a product that’s easy to use, scalable and can be delivered either on-demand or as software. We’re equipped with a rich feature set that includes vlogging, podcasting, flash as well as a fully customizable interface. Our applications range from corporate in-house collaboration to global user created networks.
  2. Bryght : content management system - Bryght’s hosted content management platform gives you the building blocks to create dynamic websites and interactive online communities. With Bryght, you can mix, match and mashup to build your perfect site. Whether you want to roll out a single CMS-powered website, or one for every little league team in the state, Bryght has the tools. Based on Drupal open source technology, Bryght sites are flexible, secure and search engine optimized out of the box.
  3. BunchBall : play games; code for blogs - Site owners: we're about to make your job easier. We're going to make your site more fun, more exciting, more "sticky" than it has ever been. Bunchball has been leading the market with addictive web games at the largest social networks and media companies in the world.
  4. Classcaster : podcasting for educational institutions - Classcaster® is a course blogging system that provides faculty, librarians, and staff of CALI member schools with a new way to interact with students and communities. A Classcaster® blog provides authors with tools for posting not only traditional blog articles but also tools for podcasting and sharing any documents and/or files with students and communities.
  5. co.mments : comments update notification service - co.mments helps you stay on top of the conversation by keeping you updated of new comments. Just bookmark, track and follow.
  6. cocomment : blog comment tracking - coComment is a new service which allows you to enjoy the full potential of comment-based conversation on the web. Before coComment, comments made across different sites (such as blogs, photosharing services, news sites, and others providing the ability for readers to leave comments) did not come together into a clear conversation, but were fragmented, hard to follow, and untrackable discussions.
  7. Comet : blogging service from six apart - Blogging is fun again. With powerful privacy controls and hundreds of beautiful designs, Vox is a great place to build your online neighborhood. Add seamless integration with popular web services like Flickr and YouTube, and we think you'll agree that...Vox makes sharing your life with friends and family, easy, safe, and fun.
  8. EasyBib : automatic bibliography composer - We at EasyBib understand the burdensome task of composing a bibliography. After finishing a paper, no one wants to go through the process of looking up the many different formats to cite their individual sources. Placing colons in one place, periods in another, and deciding when and where to underline is both confusing and frustrating.
  9. egoSurf : search for your own name/blog ranking - Simple. You enter your name and your blogs web address. We search google and find links to your blog. We calculate your ego ranking. We show you where your blogs appear in the search engines.
  10. Eponym : free blogging service
  11. Evoca : social voice recordings - Put Evoca to work for your website. Offer your customers, audiences and supporters easy ways to record and play content: comments, reviews, testimonials, and opinions online. Let them call your website from any phone - landline, mobile and Skype™. Post the content you choose with branded Flash players that bring any web page alive.
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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Blogging Services Sites - II

Here are more Web 2.0/3.0 blogging Sites.

  1. Blogcode : blog recommendation service - BlogCode.com is a fast, easy and intuitive source of blog recommendations based on the StoryCode.com model. It allows you to start with your favourite weblog (or perhaps even your own) and find others like it. Recommendations are based not only on subject matter, but also on the style and input of the bloggers themselves - and their readers. Plus the recommendations are formed by the collective view of those who have read and enjoyed these same weblogs.

  2. BlogFlux MapStats : visitor stats on google maps for your blog - Blog Flux MapStats is the coolest way of tracking your website visitors. Not only does it provide the normal statistics and graphs, we have incorporated the system into Google Maps! Instantly see where your latest visitors are coming from, and find out what they are looking for.

  3. Bloggersnap : blogging webcam plugin - BloggerSnap is a little tool which allows your visitors to easily post on your blog or website a snapshot taken with their webcam !

  4. Bloggoggle : blogging professionals directory - bloggoggle is the communications tool that makes it all relevant. A customized directory of blogging professionals, bloggoggle helps you bring true expert resources into focus.

  5. Blogladder : blogging service - BL is a place where anyone can start a blog. It's easy and free. Edit or delete any of your content at any time. Bookmark, promote and tag the stuff you like.

  6. Blogniscient : realtime blog/articles categorization - Everyone has heard the buzz about blogs, but finding the best information is a real challenge without the right tools. That's where Blogniscient comes in. We categorize and rank blog articles and blogs in real time, providing up-to-date information on the hottest blog entries

  7. BlogPrinting : blog printing service - BlogPrinting addresses the rapidly growing blogosphere, providing bloggers (and their readers) with a convenient, easy-to-use way to publish blog content as printed books. Whether for hardcopy archives, gifts, off-line reading, or plain old publishing, our tools make it quick and easy.

  8. Blogpulse : blogging buzz analytics - BlogPulse is a window into the blogosphere… open it daily to discover the people, issues, blogs, posts, commentaries, tidbits and news that bloggers are discussing.

  9. blogSpirit : free blogging service - blogSpirit is a free blogging platform offering the best features available.
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