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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Link Building Tips, Articles & Resources

101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006
Trusted vs Untrusted Links
Thousands of Reciprocal Link Partners & Getting Nowhere in Google
Finding Link Sources & Building Topical Authority Links
Determining Domain Link & Age Related Trust
New Sites Indexed & Ranking Quickly in Google
Link Building and LocalRank
Comparative Advertising in Naming, Linking, and Tagging
Web Directories…are They Relevant to SEO?
Can You Build Links too Quickly?
Can I Get Penalized for Who Links at My Site?
Link Building & Traffic Building Tips
If You Don’t Build Links You are Not a Real SEO
Donating to Charities for Link Building
Is Buying Links a Waste of Time?
Buying and Selling Sites as a Link Building Strategy
Unconventional Link Building / SEO Techniques

Link Building As Relationship Building - A Great Example
Link Building is Relationship Building
Multiple Path Link Building
Why Links Matter

Link-Building Basics

Social Media - It’s the Backlinks Stupid
Looking at Link Building Tips

Article submission is a waste of time

Link Building Idea: Create Customer Interviews & Profiles
Article Submissions meets Public Relations
Link Building Idea: Become the Expert with a Collection of Interviews

Long List of Link Searches
How to beat the Google Sandbox
5 Rare & Valuable Link Building Tactics
Email is Still the Key to a Successful Link Building Campaign
Quest for budget SEO package (part 5): link building
Arguing with Link Moses - This Already Seems Like a Bad Idea
The Rising Tide Lifts All Ships
Two Clarifications on How Search Engines Interpret Links

Link Hunting Tips: Bad Neighborhoods
Creating Authority and Link Development
Link Building Strategies: Video
Link Building Tactics - Relevance

When Your Domain is TR0
Secrets to Beating the Sandbox 2.0 REVEALED: The Ultimate Guide
Creating a Free Service to Build Links

Can You Compete with Industrial Strength Linkbaiting? (or, Why My Site Will Outrank Yours for [mortgage])

Linkbuilding tips from Brian Turner
Think about Link Equity and Content Value
Content development for links needs to be remarkable

Why the Age of Your Domain Name is Important for SEO Note, this also works with Youtube.
PubCon - Link Development and Linking Optimization
Notes on talks from Roger Monti, Rae Hoffman and Joel Lesser. Moderated by Greg Niland.
Building Links Using Netscape Video

How to Coax Citations and Links From The Press

Tips for finding the best pages to get links from.
Part Two: Tips for finding the best pages to get links from.
Get backlinks from pages that have backlinks.
Natural Backlinks - Getting backlinks without even asking.
The Historical Importance of Backlinks.
Text around your links…Keeping it Natural Looking.
Forward Links - Because who you link to matters
Why that site with 50 backlinks beats your site with 1000 backlinks.
Cherry Picking Links - Believe it!

Link Building Wiki

Secret Confessions of a Link-A-Holic
Do Outbound Links Matter for SEO (and more)
Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogs - Off Site Techniques
Motivations for Linkbaiting - Why Links are Good for Your Blog


66 Ways to Build Links in 2007

.edu Link Fallacies Explained

Linking Odds & Ends
Google Personalized Search, Google Bookmarks & Link Building
3 Jump-Start Methods For Passionate Linking
Understanding Link Reputation
I Have A Link Building Secret
Are You In The Circle Of Link Trust?
New Year’s Resolution: Know Your Inbound Link Potential!
The Right Way To Ask For A Link

Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview
Why Links Matter: So Simple a Monkey Could Understand It
Legitimate Use of Mechanical Grunts
LinksManager Gets a Patent - Interview with Joel Lesser


Why Articles Are Not The Route To High Search Engine Rankings

Directories: Love ‘ Em Or Hate ‘Em
What’s The Deal With Search Engines And Text Link Ads?
Social Aspects of Link Strategy

Training Link Developers on the Link Building Cycle
12 Different Types of Links and How To Get Them
The 5 minute Link Value Test - 6 Link Quality Indicators
I am Not a Link Communist
Follow-up on Link Development with Todd aka Stuntdubl

Content vs Links
5 Tips for Content Distribution Networks
Link Building for Blogs
Interview with Eric Ward of URLwire

Linkbuilding tools
Link harvester
Backlink tool
Link Development Tools
Backlink Builder
Link Harvester
Link Popularity
Backlink Watch
SEO for Firefox
Tattler A downloadlable tool to analyse backlink information for free
Backlink Analyzer from SEO book
Top Ten Analysis SEO Tool
Hub finder from SEO book

The Future of Link Building
11 Guidelines for Getting Authoritative Links
Don’t take the (link) bait

The Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect Link

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